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Heart photo keyring Mum, Nan, aunty ect

Heart photo keyring Mum, Nan, aunty ect

Beautiful heart keyring, Heart can say something of your choice so please leave in the text box what you'd like or if you prefer a photo can be added to the large heart.


Photos will be cropped heart shaped please make sure to send a photo where the person is center of the photo otherwise it may not fill the heart shape.


Tassles will be picked at random if have a colour tassle you prefer please leave a note and we will try are best to match it but its not guaranteed.


Pompom can be added as an extra cost please purchase this separately and leave in the note that you want us to add it to your keyring.


Large heart is 6cm small heart is 3cm acrylic and printing is one side.

After you have placed your order please email with the photos of your choice.

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